72% of accredited investors intend to invest in DeFi

Research firm Xangle conducted a survey finding that 72% of qualified U.S. investors intend to invest in DeFi in 2021.

The new study touches on one of the latest trends in the world of cryptocurrencies. Xangle surveyed 379 US investors, finding that 70% of them have already invested in bitcoin, and 67% have a clear understanding of what DeFi is. Almost every investor noted the fact that their interest in the cryptocurrency industry has grown significantly over the past year.

72.2% of those surveyed said they intend to invest in DeFi this year. 17.5% specified that they are still thinking about whether it is advisable to invest in DeFi projects.

Interestingly, according to Xangle, the people surveyed are now investing several times more actively than before the coronavirus crisis. 70% have not only already invested in Bitcoin, but also consider it as an excellent option for accumulation, bringing high profits in the long term.

The only thing that Xangle surveyed does not like is the lack of regulation in the crypto industry. More specifically, consumer protection, including those who invest in DeFi. 78% of respondents noted that regulators need to pay close attention to protecting the interests of depositors.

Two other factors stopping some people from investing in digital currencies, according to Xangle, are fraud and a lack of awareness in the crypto industry.

The researchers clarified that if investors had $100,000 to invest, 31.7% of them said they would choose Bitcoin, and 29% were going to invest in US blue chips, also known as the most liquid stocks.

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