The Pain Points of Modern Advertising

The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which fell under severe repression, one might say global, made a not happy decision to close it in Malaysia.

During a recent conference, the CEO of the American financial corporation Mastercard Michael Miebach said that the company must go to the next level. Which is the cryptocurrency market because it is a very important factor for the future of Mastercard.

The well-known cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, after entering the stock market, upset investors with a fall in capitalization of about 30%.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the UK team became the first to launch NFT tokens for fans.

We have previously told you about several cryptocurrency casinos. However, on check one of them turned out to be dishonest. We are talking about the BitStarz crypto casino.

The Shiba Inu community has long dubbed him the “Dogecoin Killer’’. But will he be able to justify such a laudatory title and the inflated expectations of fans? Let’s figure it out.

Bitcoin Foundation Chairman Brock Pierce identified himself as head of the “official” Bitcoin delegation during a visit to El Salvador. However, community members were unhappy with this.


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