Airdrops: Full Guide

In this article, we will simply tell you what an airdrop is, how much it is possible to earn from the distribution of tokens, and where to look for them to participate in general.

What is an airdrop?

An airdrop is a distribution of cryptocurrency coins, including NFT, as part of a marketing campaign launched by a particular project, to increase its community, as well as attract investors.

Airdrops are the most popular method of attracting an audience by distributing tokens by the project team to promote it on the market, which is difficult with fierce competition.

Airdrop types

There are five types of airdrops with different participation levels:

1.Airdrops of the traditional type, with participation in which no conditions are put forward.

2. Bounty airdrop. Coins are distributed among users who have fulfilled certain requirements, retweet or repost in social networks.

3.Private airdrop. The distribution of coins occurs among a certain group of participants who have applied, long before the airdrop.

4. Airdrop for active. Distribution of coins is carried out among participants who actively use various project services. Usually this airdrop is carried out on decentralized crypto exchanges and various aggregators.

5. Airdrops in the context of hard forks. For understanding, in connection with the transition of the Ethereum network from PoW to PoS, miners from China are launching an ETHPoW (ETHW) fork and distributing a new cryptocurrency. As part of this giveaway, ETH holders will receive ETHW at a 1:1 ratio.

How much can you earn on an airdrop

The number of airdrops you participate in and the size of the rewards will affect your income level. Usually, during the airdrop process, a few dollars are given away and it is extremely rare that several tens of dollars are given away. As a rule, during a bull market, airdrops are more frequent and the rewards are much higher.

But do not treat airdrops as the main source of income. Not all projects become successful and are closed at the initial stage, or do not reach large exchanges at all. Such half-life projects will never generate income.

Airdrop and Fraud

Airdrops can also be fake or outright scams.

Airdrop organizers may require the private key of a crypto wallet in order to rob it. When exchanging for the so-called growing coins, scammers may request data to access your personal account. Or through infected software downloaded to a computer or even a smartphone, steal your personal data. As a consequence, stolen personal data can be used for extortion.

We recommend using well-known crypto platforms to find airdrops such as Binance. The largest exchange has its own Launchpad platform, which only accepts secure positions that are verified directly by the Binance team .

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