Argentine Investor Loses 3.15 BTC Due to Scam Broker

Argentine Pablo Philomeno has invested in Bitcoins since 2016. He was doing well until he lost $180,000 at the broker’s fault

He entrusted his funds to the Bitinka platform, which was one of the first to provide cryptocurrency exchange services in Argentina. The Argentinian bought the first cryptocurrency even when BTC was worth no more than $700.

This company from Peru had an office in Buenos Aires. It cooperated with banks, which allowed it to freely replenish the accounts with bank transfers.

At first, only the hero of our story invested in cryptocurrency. However, making sure that the strategy works, Pablo Philomeno is attracted to his father’s investments. He persuaded him to invest in cryptocurrency profits derived from the family business.

For the period of just over a year (June 2017 September 2018) investors made deposits totaling 482,000 Argentine pesos. This was enough to buy two Bitcoins. Then, due to the profit from cryptocurrency trading, Pablo Philomeno had 3.15 BTC.

When the platform (Ripio) appeared in Argentina in 2019, the investor wanted to transfer funds from Bitinka. And then the problems started. Pablo was unable to withdraw, transfer or sell coins.

In the technical support he was told that due to the hacker attack and the inspection withdrawals are temporarily blocked for 3 months. However, even after 90 days, the problem was not fixed.

What’s more, the technical support has stopped responding to the user’s messages. Pablo also learned that there are many complaints on this platform on social networks.

Then he set up a Facebook group. The aim of “Bitinka Coup” is to bring together all the victims of the platform. There are now more than sixty of them. Sixty-six people want to file a lawsuit against the platform’s management demanding to unfreeze $1.5 million that they cannot withdraw.

The company does not comment on customer complaints. The Bitinka platform has now moved its headquarters to Spain. Pablo says that the scammers are ready to explore new markets.

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