Banks will cease to exist in 10 years

Will banks withstand the confrontation with cryptocurrencies in the foreseeable future, or will they have to fall, recognizing the speed and convenience of tokenization of all types of payments?

Ironically, people are inventing cryptocurrencies to take themselves out of the equation. After all, almost all the problems that we face within the existing financial system and any other industry are related to the human factor. But the blockchain ecosystem rules out this factor. Satoshi Nakamoto was smart enough to realize that someone had to cut people out of the decision-making process. Especially in cases where these decisions are related to finance.

In such a system, you do not need bank or “uncle’s” approval if you intend to borrow or lend money. It is enough to meet the automated criteria. There is no assessment of age, gender, race, religion, and “social points”, earning which, you can get an advantage over the rest. If you meet the DeFi criteria, the transaction will be completed.

The future belongs to decentralized finance, and if traditional financial structures haven’t figured it out yet, they should hurry up. If they do not learn to correct the mistakes that cryptocurrency solves today, then even such mastodons as Bank of America in 10 years simply will not exist.

People are getting smarter and becoming more interested in technology. Why put money on a bank deposit, earning a few percent, when you can make a similar “deposit” to a staking or mining farm, getting 15% or even more? A person will consider it unnecessary to invest in the system if, in the end, only she will receive the lion’s share of the benefits from his investments.

People will start not only depositing funds in decentralized systems, making money on it, but also using DeFi-platforms for lending instead of paying taxes on capital gains on the profits. All this will lead to the fact that the tax authorities will have to constantly change the codexes because most representatives of the crypto community have already proven that the tax system is nothing more than legalized robbery.

The innovative approach of cryptocurrencies and decentralized ecosystems will solve all the traditional financial problems of people. All data can be digitized in the cloud, consultants can be replaced with robots available around the clock, transfers can be made instantly, and commissions are minimal. This may sound utopian, but it’s all just a matter of time.

We live in a time of regular change with the need to challenge all established paradigms. Including financial ones. Banks will be forced to feverishly monitor current trends, trying to change the outdated business model, meeting the demands of their customers, growing by leaps and bounds. But will they keep up with cryptocurrencies?

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