Capcom Forced To Pay Ransom

Cybercrime is gaining momentum. Recently, ransomware programs have become increasingly popular among cybercriminals.

Large companies are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. By performing an attack, hackers block access to confidential company data, then extort a ransom for the return of access to information. In early November, Japanese gaming giant Capcom was attacked to gain access to company data. Having achieved their goal, the attackers demanded a ransom of $ 11 million in Bitcoins.

In a press release issued by Capcom it is said that at the beginning of the month an attack was made on various systems of the company, as well as on mail and file servers. He added that even though the attack did not result in data loss, the company approached local law enforcement to investigate the attack.

Nikkei Japan reported this week that attackers represented by the RAGNAR LOCKER team gained access to the Capcom system. The hackers managed to download more than a terabyte of confidential data from the company’s servers, including the information of the company’s employees and customers. The attackers then demanded that Capcom contact them by 8 am (JST) on November 11, with the aim of ransom in exchange for maintaining the confidentiality of the information and preventing leakage to the darknet.

Also, the Japanese media outlet Asahi Shimbun reported that as a result of the attack, the ransomware virus infected part of the company’s servers and systems. As a result, the operations of a number of companies had to be partially stopped.

Ransomware attacks with increasing frequency

Typically, ransomware aims to restrict user access and re-encrypt sensitive client data. This allows the cybercriminal to demand a ransom from the victims of the program to remove restrictions and restore access to data. This year we have witnessed a number of such attacks, with demands for ransom payments in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. According to companies engaged in blockchain and cryptocurrency analysis, over the past few years, the number of ransomware attacks has increased tenfold.

Let’s remember for example

A ransomware attack on a Texas school district re-encrypted data on all regional servers, including backups. Following the attack, the ISD Athens Directorate paid a ransom of $ 50,000 in cryptocurrency. And also an attack on the medical school of the University of California, San Francisco. As a result of the attack, he paid a ransom of $ 1.14 million (116.4 BTC).



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