Fraudster Stole $7000 From Investor

On the Internet, cases of fraud related to cryptocurrencies have increased. We try to review such cases to keep you informed and to warn that you do not lose your vigilance

We have already been told that the network often hosts fake giveaway, where scammers say — transfer us your cryptocurrency, and we will increase it by 3 times.

There is another type of fraud. It is that on email or in social networks the user receives a message from a fraudster, who is an experienced trader or a cryptocurrency consultant.

Through beliefs, the fraudster wins the trust of the victim and offers to quickly increase the amount of investment 10–15 times through trust management. After transferring funds, the fraudster hides with money and does not respond to messages.

This was the case with Lindsay Walton. An investor has lost $7,000 to BTC, trusting a Facebook fraudster. Cue Cynthia Marshall wrote to him via a messenger, posing as an entrepreneur, investment portfolio manager, cryptocurrency advisor and trader.

She said Walton could earn $50,000 in BTC in seven days. Investments should be made through the Auto Virtual Options project website. Cynthia assured Walton that his account was completely secure because it was encrypted using cryptography.

According to Walton, the site looked professional and did not arouse suspicion. The company had reviews that seemed real. So he invested $7,000 in BTC.

After reviewing the balance on the site, he saw that during the week his funds increased to 60,000 dollars. In reality, however, this turned out to be a fraud.

As soon as Walton said he wanted his money, the fraudster said it was impossible, and need to invest another $6,000. That’s when Walton realized it was a scam.

After talking to a cryptocurrency adviser, Walton received a bunch of complaints from Cynthia. She said what no longer wanted to deal with Walton. She told him to go to technical support. After that, the deceived investor received neither a response nor money.

Unfortunately, Walton is not alone. Such scammers often publish ads in social networks. They say something like this: Thank you To Mr./Mrs. XXX for your advice on investing in cryptocurrencies. I made $10,000 a week. The phone/email is given at ads.

Don’t believe it! Don’t call or write to the email. No one without difficulty and knowledge will be able to get such money. Don’t be like Walton. Accumulate knowledge, trading experience and take care of your investments!

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