Gemini Will Add Trading Pairs with Dogecoin

Cryptocurrency DOGE, which was previously considered just a joke, made another leap to its goal of 1 dollar

Today Dogecoin set a record level of $0.576. This jump in value was provided by the news about the listing of DOGE on Gemini. From May 4, clients of the exchange can top up the account in DOGE and store cryptocurrency.

In the future, trading in Active Trader and other applications in the currency pair with USD will be added. After that, trading in mobile and web applications in pairs with pounds, euros, USD, as well as Hong Kong, Singapore, Australian and Canadian dollars will begin.

Currently, the coin is trading at $0.57. This is 36.88% per day and more than 112% in 7 days. At the same time, Dogecoin has again bypassed Ripple, and is now in 4th place in the top of cryptocurrencies. Competitors now share $10 billion. Only BTC, ETH and BNB are ahead of DOGE.

The rise of the DOGE price again caused problems with trading at Robinhood. An hour after the listing was announced, problems with cryptocurrency transactions began on the trading platform. We remind you that this is not the first time.

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