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If you are already here, then you will surely understand the references to the main article. If something is not clear, I recommend that you look at the article “GROWTH WILL BE IN 2022” again.

I will write everything at once directly, without water and preludes, because I believe that we have already passed a stage where you need to explain something for a long time. Let’s go…

Additional factors for growth in 2022

1. Two weeks ago, in my TG channel “Composite Man”, I already said that my friend, who works as a top marketing manager at Huobi , has a contact in one of the most famous venture capital funds Andreessen Horowitz.

This fund has gained credibility among investors due to the insight and connections of its leaders, which quite often led to the success of this fund’s investments.

I will not be lazy and will once again duplicate the information from the channel, saying that, according to information from the representative of the fund, the official launch of several projects in which this fund has invested is planned for the fall. In particular, of particular interest is one project that is already in the crypto portfolio on the official website of the fund, but I cannot name this project here.

The important thing is that, given the information on the printing press from the main article, a lot of things converge at one point — AUTUMN 2022 , since projects like the one I wrote about above always start at the most favorable time for collecting liquidity.

2. According to the same source, large funds are now buying up depreciated stocks, which they never did before an even more serious fall.

This is another serious argument in favor of the growth of markets in the near future. Big players understand that they need to gain positions before the printing press is launched, and new liquidity will flood the markets.

3. And it’s not just about stocks, because large crypto funds are being announced in parallel. And it’s happening RIGHT NOW!

Most recently, on July 12, 2022, the cryptocurrency investment company Multicoin Capital announced the creation of a $430 million venture crypto fund.

Wait a minute, want to know who invested in Multicoin Capital?

Among the investors is Mark Andreessen, co-founder of the previously mentioned Andreessen Horowitz several times. Do you understand what I mean? I only say what I can. It is easy to see the logic and draw conclusions.

Who is Asiff Khirji?

As you already know, I have made it clear several times that my main sources, although not entirely direct, are the people from Andreessen Horowitz.

I learned that a few years ago Andreessen Horowitz’s chief advisor was Asiff Hirji. He is also an investor in Andreessen Horowitz.

Asiff Hirji stepped down as an advisor to Andreessen Horowitz in 2017 and has since become COO of Coinbase. And he was in this position until June 2019.

What happened between 2017 and 2019?

That’s right, #USDC started trading. The launch of #USDC was powered by a collaboration between Coinbase and Circle through consortium co-founder CENTER.

I have written about the close relationship between #USDC, Circle, Coinbase and the Fed more than once. My attentive subscribers understand everything.

Plus, Asiff Hirji is currently an advisor at Nubank, which Warren Buffett is heavily investing in.

It is worth digesting everything in order to understand how knowledgeable this person is, and that all of his listed positions are occupied not only by knowledge and experience, but even more by connections.

More recently, at the end of June, it became known that Asiff Hirji is joining Trust Machines as an advisor.

Also joining Trust Machines are Manas Mohapatra, General Counsel from Bank of New York Mellon (one of the globally systemically important banks), and Igor Silvestre, who has worked in senior positions at Reddit and Facebook.

Trust Machines was founded by Muneeb Ali and Princeton University Computer Science Professor J.P. Singh.

Their own project is the “Stacks” project, which has its own coin, which is already in 70th place in the coinmarketcap top.

“Trust Machines” and “Stacks” are the same thing, the same team, the same project.

Stacks is an open source blockchain network that provides decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts for Bitcoin.

Think about it! Smart contracts for Bitcoin! This is a huge uncultivated field. Not surprisingly, they managed to attract crypto and financial sharks to their project.

Their #STX coin is the first coin to have a token sale under the full control of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They were able to fulfill all their requirements FIRST!

Many famous people spoke at conferences dedicated to the project, one of them was Andreas Antonopoulos.

I will not bother you with complex terminology, since almost always the success of a project lies in a competent team and proper marketing. A good team, after studying a project, will never take part in a bad project.

According to the available information, IN THE AUTUMN the project plans to attract the largest players in the crypto-currency market, which will launch a powerful marketing campaign, which, coupled with innovative developments, should attract the interest of a huge number of retail investors

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that #STX is traded on almost all popular cryptocurrency exchanges, and the technical picture for buying is now excellent:

Everything that is said in this article is not a theory, but an in-depth analysis …

Sincerely, Composite Man

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