How to choose crypto-processing: 3 simple steps

The global economy is changing, and increasingly companies are asking customers to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency rather than fiat resources. Today, digital assets can be used to pay for food, clothing, streaming service subscriptions or car rentals.

This is a convenient way for the customer, but shops may find it difficult because the process is considered fairly new in the online business world. How do you integrate cryptocurrency payments into your website or app?

1. Choice of crypto-processing

This is the service that will accept and send payments between you and the client. You should choose it wisely — look into how the organisation handles any difficulties that arise, whether there is technical support, what coins are available. Pay particular attention to feedback: more often than not, people describe all the negative things they encounter in the process. Create a table and write down the factors that are most important to you, and then rate the projects you are interested in based on these criteria.

Today, many crypto-processings create an entire ecosystem for their clients and provide constant communication with a personal manager. By starting with such a project, a business ensures security and convenience for itself and its clients. Projects with such an approach include 0Xprocessing, a product with an intuitive interface and high level of accessibility, which is quite popular among users. 0Xprocessing’s proprietary blockchain infrastructure enables all transactions to be conducted securely and reliably, eliminating data leaks and risks arising from third-party involvement. In addition, the project team is one of the first to connect Web3 wallets.

2. Choice of tools and processing conditions

Here you can go back to the table you created, but now take a closer look: what are the prospects for future cooperation? An inadequate toolkit can reduce the number of customers and limit expansion, and a lack of chat with technical support or developers can put your business on hold indefinitely.

If you haven’t previously highlighted the integration process itself as a factor, we recommend doing so at this stage. Help at this stage (e.g. personal chat with 0Xprocessing manager) is useful for everyone, regardless of whether you have used cryptocurrencies before or are facing digital assets for the first time.

3. Connecting

Arrange with your manager to start the connection process — it usually doesn’t take long. You can also notify customers about the addition of a new payment method for goods, products and services, or make announcements on social media to reach a wider audience.

Feel free to use a personal crypto-processing manager — it will save time and effort.

As a result, you’ll get great opportunities for future growth and increased company turnover. Firstly, you will attract customers from other countries, which is especially useful when selling digital products. Secondly, many people actually find it more convenient to pay in cryptocurrency, and connecting this new feature will make them more loyal to your shop or marketplace.

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