NFT Platform OneOf Receives $63M From Tezos Foundation

The platform, which allows the creation of music NFT, received $63 million from the Tezos fund, and in June will earn on this blockchain

In addition to Tezos, Sangha Capital and private investors Bill Tye, Jack Herrick, Jason Ma and Suna Said have invested in the development of the music blockchain project.

The platform, according to the creators, is eco-friendly, as it works on the Tezos blockchain with POS mining. NFT requires 2 million times less energy than it does on the Ethereum blockchain.

The OneOf team plans to attract new specialists, refine the marketplace, and finance independent musicians. There will be events, promotional events, and funding for charities and environmental organisations.

About the project

OneOf is a platform created by Quincy Jones Productions. Allows musicians to produce NFT without commission. Sell for any price, including distribution at no cost. The project will also produce limited collections of NFT “OneOf One.”

Users of the platform will be able to collect music by old and new artists (Aurora, Alesso, TLC, HER, Doja Cat, Quincy Jones, Jacob Collier, G-Eazy). You can pay for the purchase of NFT with credit/debit cards (135 fiat asset), as well as stablecoins.

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