Prediction Cardano, UNI, THETA, Qtum from April 8

We wrote how the largest cryptocurrencies are doing. It’s time to talk about the predictions on Cardano, UNI, THETA, and Qtum

Cardano [ADA]

The green candle on the 4-hour chart touched the upper line of resistance. However, reaching the ceiling of $1.34, the ADA rushed down. So far, a breakthrough is unlikely. In the short term, the coin will be traded in the established range.

The OBV indicator has been falling since the second half of March. There is no buyer activity and the price is not going up. The RSI veered towards overbought, but then went down and dipped below 50.

The daily trading volume still shows a big increase in trading activity, probably April 8 may be the big candles on the chart. Most likely, the price will go up if the bulls protect the important level of support of $1.16.

Uniswap [UNI]

2021 is a winning year for Uniswap. The annual price increase exceeded 500%. The Coin Project (UNI) is the largest DeFi-token. The capitalisation of the project exceeds 15 billion dollars.

In the short term, the token is not so lucky. At the end of March, the trade volume indicator (OBV) fell and has not yet been able to recover. It will take a strong effort of buyers to reach the record level.

The RSI level shows that the coin is oversold. The support level of $26.2 needs the protection of the bulls, so that the price of the token does not start a new round of decline.

Theta [THETA]

Since the end of March, the coin has been trading in the range of $13.8-$11.2. We should not wait for a sharp increase in the price. A couple of days the volume of trading will remain unstable, prices will fluctuate. If the bulls accelerate the onslaught, the volume of trades will rush to 1 billion.

If there is a major up breakthrough, the price of cryptocurrency can reach $15. If the MACD indicator demonstrates the bear cross pattern on the chart, the price will go down. In the next couple of days it will become clear where THETA will move.

Quantum [QTUM]

The QTUM token has been in dynamic growth since February, when the level of 4.5 dollars broke out. The value of the coin rose to $17.5, but then followed by a correction.

The level of support for the cryptocurrency is now $14-$14.5. The RSI indicator is stabilising. You should not expect an active price increase. With the pressure of bears there is a possible breakthrough below $14.

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