Price analysis: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP

Bitcoin still does not give up in its quest for maximum prices and many altcoins imitate it, remaining strong even during the moments of market “drawdown”. But the “fear” index among traders, meanwhile, has grown significantly against the backdrop of Tesla’s refusal to accept BTC and Binance’s possible problems with the American regulator.

These “nerves” led to an influx of 30,000 Bitcoins to cryptocurrency exchanges, the highest since March 2020. Traders are trying to lock in profits on long positions, and whales are sending more coins to exchanges, thus hinting to us that the short-term period of the bear market is not over yet.


Bitcoin has surged to $50,000 and it doesn’t look like it is going to fall below that level for the long term anytime soon. Despite the “moments of weakness” in the region of $47,500-$48,500.

From a technical point of view, the growth supports the increase in trading volume, therefore, due to the strengthening of the bullish positions, there is a chance to test the level of $53,500 already next week.

Currently, the main cryptocurrency on the market is trading for $49,384 on Binance.


Ethereum does not intend to give up its positions and next week it may continue its growth to $4,200 as soon as the bulls take the initiative in their “horns”.

If they help the asset overcome resistance, then the $4,500 mark could be just as easily broken as the $4,000 level earlier this week.

Today, the value of Ethereum on the Huobi exchange is $3,898.


Binance got into a difficult situation amid claims from US regulators, due to which the value of BNB has dropped noticeably in recent days.

However, if the bulls turn it towards $640, a new high of $700 could be reached in the next couple of weeks.

The current BNB price is $588 on Binance.


Ripple’s management is extremely serious, therefore it is not going to give up its positions before the SEC and insists on the “environmental friendliness” of its token.

XRP appreciates the optimism of the creators and the support of the crypto community and is sure to respond with even more growth.

So far, the bears manage to keep the price at the average dollar level on the stock exchanges. But there is a high probability of testing the resistance at the level of $1.65 in the next few days.

The current price for the XRP token on Binance is $1,36.

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