Push Protocol based on Polygon

The decision to launch the Push Protocol on Polygon (formerly MATIC Network) will give impetus to a significant expansion of the blockchain. To date, Polygon services are used by popular DeFi protocols such as Aave, MakerDAO, Uniswap and others.

Push Protocol is a Web3 communication protocol, formerly known as the Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS). Enables cross-chain notifications and messaging for dapps, wallets, and services tied to wallet addresses in an open, gas-free, and platform-independent manner.

The open communication layer allows the user to connect applications to any crypto wallet, the interface to connect to the network and communicate, as well as set up notifications based on events occurring on the network.

The CEO and co-founder of Push Protocol, Harsha Rajata, claims that the updated Push Protocol marks his decision to enter the world of multi-chains.

Harsha Rajata also added that since its initial launch on the Ethereum mainnet in January 2022, the protocol has sent 17 million notifications across over 100 channels, approaching 60,000 subscribers and making it the largest decentralized communications platform on the network. In April, during a round with the participation of well-known investors and venture capital funds, Push raised $10.1 million worth of tokens.

Jump Capital Investment Director Saurabh Sharma said that the decision to launch the Push Protocol on the Polygon platform will significantly reduce the dependence of the Web3 ecosystem on the Web2 notification system.

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal said the Push network adds “a much-needed feature” to the Web3 ecosystem.

The recent rebranding from EPNS to Push signals two evolutions of the service: moving away from Ethereum and moving from push notifications to all forms of communication.

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