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How does the increase in the Fed’s key interest rate affect the crypto market?

Today will be the next meeting of the Fed. Perhaps due to record inflation in the US, the key rate will be raised. This increase could be the biggest since the early 1990s.

The Fed will also present its forecast for 2023. If the rate is raised sharply, and the forecast is sad, then the market may show new lows for all tokens. Experts admit that prices may fall by 30–40% from the current ones.

In Argentina, the court ordered the Binance crypto exchange to pay damages to the victim of theft

A smartphone was stolen from a Buenos Aires resident, after which the victim discovered that $90,000 worth of cryptocurrency was missing from her Binance account. After that, the Argentine turned to the police.

The police failed to find the perpetrator, so using the judicial authority, sent a letter to the exchange, informing that the platform was obliged to return the stolen assets to its original owner.

The most surprising thing is that after that, the Binance crypto exchange managed to freeze the stolen cryptocurrency, after which the exchange announced its readiness to return the stolen cryptocurrency to its legal owner.

SWIFT launches blockchain project

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications SWIFT, together with the blockchain company Symbiont, will launch a pilot blockchain project on the Assembly platform. Its main goal is to speed up the approval process, corporate actions, and security.

Optimism launches quest campaign with GALXE

The tasks required to complete are quite simple and include subscribing to social networks of various DeFi platforms operating on the Optimism network and interacting with them, such as exchanges, providing liquidity, buying NFTs, etc. After completing the tasks, users receive NFT OAT on GALXE.

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Bitcoin Info, Fintech News, Blockchain Technology and much more About Crypto World — CoinShark.