What if the Employer Wants to Take Away the Crypto Salary?

A member of the team of one of the technology startups complained that the employer is trying to return the crypto previously paid in the form of salaries. The reason was a sharp increase in the price of tokens

According to him, in the spring of 2020 he signed a contract with this company. The payment for the work done will be provided in crypto.

There was a clause in the contract about the possible payment in dollars, but the employee struck it out before signing. In August 2020, he received the cryptocurrency. What was his surprise when the employer later appealed to him with a demand to return the received tokens.

The employee notes that he knows his employer well. I worked with him for many years, but I did not expect that after the price of cryptocurrency has increased by 700%, he will receive an e-sale with a demand to return the money.

In the letter, the employer wrote that the employee of the startup did not bring any income to the business, and currently does not perform additional work.

In this regard, it should send back all the cryptocurrency received in August 2020 and bill in dollars for the time worked. At the same time, the amount of payment on the account will be 7 times less than the current value of the cryptocurrency received in August.

This funny story was published by MarketWatch. She was commented on by labor law specialist Eugene Lee. He said a contract was a contract. No one has the right to change its provisions, let alone unilaterally.

Although the cryptocurrency featured in the history is not called most likely, it is about ETH. Its price has increased by 790% since August.

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