Worth Thinking

As a rule, at the moment when some reputable bank, a large fund or a well-known public figure, using all the possibilities of the media space, exposes news or forecasts to the public, first of all you should be alert and think about what they really want from you.

Usually, this is due to one of two factors:

1. In the first case it is, as a rule, a complete decline of the market, to the state of the bottom. During this period, the appearance of negative news or forecasts indicates that large “players” are interested in getting rid of the rest of the “passengers from the train”. To give him the opportunity to go up easier. In this scenario, it is more expedient to hold your investments in anticipation of growth.

2. In the second case. After a big rise, there is overly positive, optimistic news. Against the backdrop of which you are given an amazing opportunity, for example, an easy and promising investment, in some newfangled ETF. Beware, this is 100% reason to think about getting fixed in the cache.

To date, the negative background about the state of the market has gone beyond all reasonable limits. Even the news from Elon Musk no longer changes the overall picture and does not give the desired market reaction.

A huge number of sellers and their titanic efforts, in an attempt to influence the situation, also do not bring the desired result. Therefore, most likely, in the near future, with a sharp bullish surge, they will simply become easy prey.

Closing a short position in any form is done primarily for the purpose of buying, never forget this.

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